Empowering businesses and individuals with the ability to rely solely on cryptocurrency to transact

GoatPay is a decentralized application that facilitates wallet to wallet cryptocurrency transactions between merchants and consumers.

Protect yourself from centralized exchange insolvency. Stay in control of the crypto you keep and the crypto you decide to swap to dollars.


GoatPay Payment Codes

Make a Payment

GoatPay payment codes can be generated and sent out via text or email to anyone you're invoicing for goods and services. Payment codes can store detailed invoice files, photos, text memos and invoice totals.

Anyone receiving a GoatPay payment code can use it to settle payments via crypto here on GoatPay.com. Businesses can also install a GoatPay payment code interface on their website, the API and instructions are below.

Coming Soon

GoatPay eCommerce

GoatPay eCommerce will provide crypto acceptance API plug-ins for WordPress and Shopify store owners. Shopping online will be made easy for crypto consumers looking for a direct option to spend their crypto assets.

To test GoatPay's eCommerce solution for WordPress please visit our mock test store https://store.goatpay.com

GoatPay's Shopify solution is expected to launch late August 2023.